What does Cavitas mean?

The Latin word ‘Cavitas’ implies ‘cavity’ or ‘cavity in the human body’.

The oral cavity with gums and teeth is a very important area of the body as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections have all been related to poor dental health.

Healthy teeth, gums, and mouth can help lower the chance of developing these and other serious illnesses.

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Our story

In 2018 we started mediating dental insurance contracts in Estonia where like in many other countries such insurance products did not exist yet. The service proved to be needed and valued. Today, we are happy to distribute stand-alone dental insurance policies in Poland and Denmark.

The goal of Cavitas is to help people take care of their teeth, maintain their natural teeth and good dental health for a long time – hopefully for the rest of their lives. That also means providing dental insurance in a smarter, more intelligent way that supports prevention while also covering various dental treatment costs. We make sure that all dental-related information is easily accessible on mobile devices.

Last but not least – we are getting even more smarter! Stay tuned!

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